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Year 6 – Francesca Sanna

Welcome to Year 6!

Our Class Teachers are Nazish Sabah, Devante Harris and Louise Dembowicz. Our Learning Support Assistant is Rosna Begum.

Year 6 Knowledge Organisers

Please see our Knowledge Organisers for this Academic Year. These Knowledge Organisers are a snap shot of our learning that takes place in units of work across English, Maths, History / Geography and Science. Please use them at home to quiz your child on their learning and see how much knowledge they can remember.

Year 6 Family Learning Projects

Please see the Family Learning Projects for your child in Year 6. There is a Family Learning Project per half term and they are linked to our learning adventures in class. See how many of the tasks you and your family can complete.

From January, children will be receiving weekly Reading, Maths, Grammar and Spelling homework which will come home via their Home Learning Journals. This homework will replace the Family Learning Projects.

Year 6 Curriculum Leaflets

Please see our Curriculum Leaflets for this academic year. These Curriculum Leaflets aim to provide you with key information regarding your child’s learning and curriculum each half term.

  • Recount Writing

    Year 6 Recount Writing following trip to Verulamium Park and singing at St Albans Cathedral

  • Role on the wall

    In Year 6 we are reading Wisp by Zara Fraillon and Graham Baker Smith.
    We created a role on the wall to discuss the main character’s personality and attributes.
  • Year 6 Maths

    In Year Six, we have been learning about place value. We worked as a class to work out how to build Dienes block the size of 1 million!