Crucial Crew Visit

On Monday 26th September 2022, Year 6 visited the local fire station to complete a ‘Crucial Crew’ workshop. The workshop was made up of different activities that were designed to teach the children about safety, making them more responsible and independent. The activities included;

  • Stranger Danger and Anti-social Behaviour
  • Fire hazards and fire safety
  • First Aid and the recovery position
  • Water safety
  • Road safety
  • Being aware of electrical hazards
  • Mental health and wellbeing

The children were able to have first hand experiences of how to deal with some of these elements and how to keep safe. The children were provided with relevant and practical tips and strategies to support them with keeping safe and what to do if they are feeling unsafe. On returning to school, we discussed and reflected upon what we had learned and discussed creating our own support networks of how we can talk to if we feel unsafe. Here you can see us completing some of the activities …