Our ducklings experience

Once hatched, the ducklings were gently moved into a ‘brooding’ unit, a lovely warm area where they could dry out, gather their strength and rest for a couple of days. They settled in comfortably and were cared for by the staff and the children.  Once they were strong enough , the  children were allowed to gently handle the ducklings. The children were very careful and did an excited job of being calm, to avoid scaring the ducklings.

A few comments from the children:

” There are so nice and soft. Will they get bigger ?”

” They so tiny ! Got to be careful or they will get really scared. This is so cool.”

The children loved seeing the ducklings learning to eat and drink in their lovely warm brooding unit. It was also fun to see them get excited when staff or children gently scratched around at their food, making them run over to peck it.

As the ducklings grew stronger, we introduced them to the water and watched as they went swimming.