World Science Day!

To celebrate World Science Day, Reception completed fun scientific experiments and activities throughout the day. As part of this, we got the chance to speak to a STEM representitive who was a Construction Site Manager. We learnt lots about his job role and his day to day routine. The children asked lots of questions and we found out how a Construction Site Manager helps our society.



We completed an experiment that looked at what happens when different colours mix together and also how water travelled from one cup to another.


We had different coloured water in four cups and then empty cups in-between these. We then put kitchen roll in each of the cups. We then watched as the coloured water travelled up the kitchen roll and into the empty cups. The different coloured water then mixed together to make another colour.


We learnt about primary colours and what colours you can make when you mix two of them together. We also learnt about how the water is absorbed by the tissue and travels through the tissue and into the empty cup. We also learnt about making predictions and testing them.

The children really enjoyed this science experiment and were amazed when the colours mixed together.