Year 1’s Art Week

Last week was Art week and each class chose an artist to study and learn about. In Jellyfish class, we researched and learnt about a famous American Artist called Sam Gilliam.

We spent time looking at Sam Gilliam’s art work and discussed our likes, dislikes and ideas about his art. Here are some of our favourite pieces of his:

Over the course of the week, we used Sam Gilliam’s art to inspire our own art work and here is some of the art we produced:

We practiced painting with a variety of materials. I the picture above we are painting on fabric using PVA paints in a similar style to the works of Sam Gilliam.

At the end of the week, we produced a final piece. For this we worked as a big team and painted on a large canvas.

The children all worked really hard towards making our final piece unique and eye-catching.