In Nursery this week, we have been talking about the seasons. We have focused our learning on the season of Autumn. We talked about how and why the leaves change colour and fall from the trees. We also learnt some new vocabulary including the words ‘migrate’ and ‘hibernate.’ The children have enjoyed carving out pumpkins, they really got their hands in – literally! They have also been role playing in the home corner making their own soups, so this week we extended their play by making our own pumpkin soup.
We talked about what a recipe is and how we can follow the instructions to make our soup. The children carefully chopped up the pumpkin using knives. They really understood the need to use the tools carefully and managed well. After we cooked our soup, the nursery leader used the blender to blend it into a liquid, they found the noise very funny! We then sat around the table together to taste our delicious soup.