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Our Vision

When you walk into London Colney you will find a place that inspires children to achieve the very best. A place that encourages a mutual respect for all, and the ambition to become an independent, lifelong learner with a passion for success. We have happy, creative children and staff with a thirst for knowledge and the expectation of accomplishment. We live and learn at London Colney under the belief that;

‘Everyone Included, Everyone Valued’

Our Vision

We aim to:

  • Provide a place of welcome, hope and opportunity where children and adults are valued for who they are and everyone is respected, listened to and cared for.
  • Challenge prejudice, discrimination and bullying by example and word.
  • Equip children for life with a strong set of core values and a broad range of knowledge, skills and experience that enable them to make positive choices and become responsible citizens in society.
  • Ensure all children gain essential skills in English and Maths and achieve their potential across the whole curriculum
  • Involve staff, pupils, parents/carers and Governors in working for the success of the school and take pride in what we achieve together.