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Our Learning Superpowers

Along with our Curriculum Drivers, we have worked closely with our children to create and develop our learning superheroes who display key learning superpowers. These superpowers help us with learning to learn and we work hard to use them in all we do. Lets introduce them:

  • Really Reflective – Really Reflective thinks about his learning. He can say what he is learning and why. He is able to spot what is going really well and what still needs to be improved.
  • Interested Inquirer – Interested Inquirer wants to know more about everything. He knows how to find out and research information and always asks questions when he’s not sure.
  • Problem Solver – Problem Solver thinks about a lot of different ways to start solving a problem and tries out different strategies. She tests things out and spots patterns and connections. Problem Solver can solve any problem.
  • Cool Communicator – Cool Communicator is not just fantastic at talking; he’s also a really good listener. His skills make him a great hero to have on a team. He is clear and easy to understand and can present his learning in lots of different ways.
  • Doggedly Determined – Doggedly Determined has lots of persistence and perseverance. He loves a challenge and always has a go, even when things are hard. Doggedly Determined never gives up!
  • Flexible Thinker – Flexible Thinker can grow and change his mind. He’s able to choose which ideas work for him and can see things from other’s point of view.