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Year 3 – Anthony Browne

Welcome to Year 3!

Our class teacher is Michelle Spriggs and our Learning Support Assistant is Kathy Maxwell.

Year 3 Knowledge Organisers

Please see our Knowledge Organisers for this Academic Year. These Knowledge Organisers are a snap shot of our learning that takes place in units of work across English, Maths, History / Geography and Science. Please use them at home to quiz your child on their learning and see how much knowledge they can remember.

Year 3 Family Learning Projects

Please see the Family Learning Projects for your child in Year 3. There is a Family Learning Project per half term and they are linked to our learning adventures in class. See how many of the tasks you and your family can complete.

Year 3 Curriculum Leaflets

Please see our Curriculum Leaflets for this academic year. These Curriculum Leaflets aim to provide you with key information regarding your child’s learning and curriculum each half term.

  • Geography

    In Geography, Year 3 have been studying the Earth. We looked at the different layers of the Earth and used playdoh to construct our own models of Earth.


  • History

    In History we have been learning about the Stone Age. Year 3 had a fantastic day at Celtic Harmony. When we arrived, we travelled back in time to the stone age where we became the wild boar tribe. We learned how to make fire, build our own dens, hunt and trade goods. Even though it was extremely cold we had some amazing experiences and learned a lot about life nearly 10,000 years ago.

  • Science Museum Trip

    Last week, Year 2 and Year 3 had an amazing trip to the Science Museum. I think you can see from the pictures that the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

  • Autumn Term

    One of our books we have be looking at in English is ‘The Paper Bag Princess.’ We started looking at the characters and how we can portray them to each other. We thought about our body language and how the characters would sound. We then acted out part of the story in pairs and performed to the class. As a class we really enjoyed all the acting and had loads of fun trying out different voices.

    In Art we have been focusing on using charcoal to create a picture. We watched a video explaining how charcoal is made. In our lesson we experimented using charcoal in different ways. We then created a picture of a flower.

    This week we had Pro Strike come to our school. We had to kick the football as hard as we could and then the camera locked in the speed the ball moved. Everyone enjoyed and cheered each other on. Even the adults had a go.