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Our Values


Values are the principles, beliefs and standards that guide our feelings, thinking, learning and behaviour. These values underpin all we do at school. We use them within our academic learning and achievements, working hard to apply them across our whole curriculum. We use them to support us with developing personally, reflecting on how our values can be applied to help us become, confident, independent and responsible citizens, within our school, community, country and world. We celebrate the use of our values weekly and are recognised if we use our values consistently and naturally in and around school. We aim to always show these values, regardless of the situation or time.

Our own set of values reflects and shapes our personal view of the world and how we interact with one another. These values are understood and practiced across the world. By thinking about and discussing values we are developing our own views and opinions and respect those of others.

We want to create the climate for a happy and successful school. We believe that positive values should underpin our curriculum and all of school life.

Together as a school, we discussed over 50 different values. We worked in teams  to decide on the 6 values we felt were the most important for our school. We recognise and encourage an ever-changing  set of values when we feel it is appropriate. We know that us as children, staff and parents as well as the world around us is constantly changing and our values change to reflect where we are at present.