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School Meals

At London Colney Primary School, we provide nutritious, healthy food, which we serve in an environment that promotes social interaction between the children. We pride ourselves in the quality of our meals. Each day there are a variety of options that the children can choose from including a hot, meat option, a vegetarian option, a jacket potato option, a cold roll option or a halal option.

  • All children in Reception and KS1 receive free school meals each day.
  • In KS2, hot school meals are available in school for children at a fixed cost.
  • We also encourage children to bring a small bottle of still water with his/her name written
    on it to school every day.
  • Parents paying for school meals need to use SchoolComms to transfer funds 48 hours in advance.

If you think you qualify for free school meals for your child, please obtain a Free School Meals
application form from the school office.