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Our Curriculum Drivers

Taking account of all stakeholders voice, we have developed our Curriculum Drivers that underpin all we do. These drivers are devised to communicate the key skills, knowledge and understanding that we want to instil in our children, leading to them become confident, successful and ambitious citizens who know their place in the world and are prepared for life outside of school.

  • Social responsibility and social justice

    • Pupils develop a good knowledge of the local community and the wider world.
    • Pupils are good citizens and take  responsibility to care for the environment and understand the part they play in its future.
    • Our pupils respect the differences and diversities in all cultures
    • Links are made to other schools, local businesses,  voluntary groups, cultural organisations and other faith communities for all children to work with.
    • Children understand how to look after their emotional well being and that of others .
  • Creative collaborators

    • Creativity is encouraged in all areas, the arts are an important aspect of school life.
    • Individuality and self expressions is promoted.
    • Positive relationships are encouraged that enable all pupils to feel safe and cared for in an ethos of teamwork and respect.
    • Children show reflectiveness and reciprocity.
    • Pupils voice – pupils express their views knowing their voice matters.
    • They communicate their ideas in a range of imaginative ways.
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs

    • Pupils are encouraged to challenge themselves to have high expectations.
    • Pupils take ownership of the decisions about what they feel is important to learn.
    • Pupils are encouraged to face challenge with resilience and self reliance.
    • Pupils work as a team and problem solve.
    • Pupils continually aim to improve and set aspirational targets.
    • Children are resourceful , resilient and take risks.
  • Explorers and investigators

    • Pupils are encouraged to be inquisitive learners. They are engaged in active learning that enables them to develop solutions for themselves.
    • Children have enquiring minds and are encouraged to formulate questions and gather information.
    • Learning is engaging and promotes pupils exploration of knowledge and skills.
    • Pupils can apply, analyse and evaluate their learning to ensure a real depth of knowledge is gained.