Fantastic Food Week in Y6

For our school’s Food Week this week and to celebrate World Food Day on Friday 21st October, each class were given a continent and were set the challenge of designing and making a food item to reflect a country from the designated continent.

Year 6 were given the continent Australasia and chose to focus on the ‘pavlova’. To our surprise, the pavlova was first created in Australia to welcome a visit from the famous ballerina, Anna Pavlova.

We began our week by taste testing some pre-existing pavlovas, thinking about the potential ingredients, what it tasted like, what we liked and what we would change. We then completed some market research around which toppings would be most popular when making our own pavlovas. We then used this research to design our own pavlovas before making them ourselves and selling them at our food sale. Here you can see the process we completed …