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What an Explosive Week

In Science Year 5 have been investigating properties of materials, and which changes are reversible and irreversible. We investigating adding mentos into diet coke and discussed that this causes a reaction which created a new substance. This makes this change irreversible. The children have done an amazing job explaining all of the processes using scientific …

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Nutty Number Hunt!

For the NSPCC number day, Year 2 and 3 were split into squirrel teams and given 30 acorns. We divided our acorns equally between each squirrel and then went out onto the field to find somewhere to hide them. We were then allowed to hunt for each teams acorns and see if we could steal them …

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NSPCC Number Day – Outdoor Learning

For the NSPCC number day, Dolphin class went outside on the field in search of objects to measure. Our current topic in maths is measurement and to help us practice our measuring skills and language we went in search of a range of sizes of twigs and sticks. The children got really stuck in and …

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Mad for the Mayans

This week we have learned about Mayan masks, and their importance in the Mayan culture. The children have been working on designing their own mask which we will be making over the next couple of weeks.

Circus Skills Workshop

Y4 had the opportunity to take part in a circus skills workshop

Circus Workshop

This week, Year 1, 2 and 3 got the opportunity to experience a taster of being in the circus. We learnt new skills involving juggling, hula hooping and plate spinning.

The Snail and the Whale

Inspired by our school trip to go and see The Snail and the Whale in the theatre, we are focusing our literacy learning around Julia Donaldson’s fantastic book this half term. We have been spending some time describing the characters in the story and to help us with this we decided to mould our very …

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The Ancient Maya Civilisation

Today Turtle class did their entry point lesson to our new topic: The Mayas. We had a great lesson drinking hot chocolate and learning that we have chocolate today because of the Maya. They used to make this delicious hot drink with crushed cacao beans and water, sometimes adding a little chilli or cinnamon. Not …

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Christmas is in the Air

Year 5 have had a very festive week this week. We have done all things Christmassy, which has included singing some carols with Lisa, making Christmas crafts in preparation for our sale next week. We even walked in the pouring rain to the church to watch the KS1 Nativity. It was so rainy that we …

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Theatre trip to Chickenshed

Children were so excited to go on their first theatre  trip in Reception! They loved every minute of their trip, from the coach to posing for a photo with Snowman and Santa Claus. Safety first ! We made sure we know why we are wearing seat belts. They children were so engaged with the show, …

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