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Using Positional Language

In Maths, Year One have been using our new learning on shapes to support our use of positional language. We worked in pairs, looking at a picture made up of shapes and then describing these to our partners. Without seeing the picture, our partners had to draw a picture using our descriptions. We used language …

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In Maths this week, we have been learning how to subtract numbers from within 10. We have used our prior learning of ‘part whole models’ to support our understanding of subtraction. This lesson was especially exciting as we were able to draw on the tables using whiteboard pens! We drew big part whole models on …

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Terrible Tusks

This week in English, Year 1 have been reading ‘Gruffalo crumble’ a recipe book. We have been learning about instructions – focussing on the language and structure used. Today, we followed some instructions from a recipe called ‘Terrible Tusks’. We washed and peeled different fruits, cut them and then placing them onto a straw to …

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