Art Focus Week

Our budding artists in Nursery enjoyed our Art focus week as we studied the French artist Herve Tullet. We started our discussion on Monday by looking at famous paintings by different artists such as Monet and Van Gogh. They were very taken with the Mona Lisa and there were lots of interesting discussions about how she was feeling while she was having her portrait painted!

The children were very excited to see the colourful work of Herve Tullet. They talked about all the different colours he used and the focus on dots and circles. They were so excited that they couldn’t wait and wanted to create their own pieces of inspired artwork using our felt tip pens.
Continuing our artist focus, the children used a variety of different tools to create circles and dots on their paintings. When then created our own art gallery with their beautiful work!
We also created our own contrast piece of artwork, we compared our colourful pieces of artwork with a monochrome design and then used white and black paper with black pens and chalk to create a piece of monochrome artwork. The children have been so proud of their work and are continuing to add to our art gallery around the classroom!