Recycling & Investigating

Recycling Week in Nursery 

For recycling week, the Nursery children learnt all about how to look after the planet. We discussed how we can recycle our rubbish in order to protect the habitat of the animals and sea creatures around us.

“Picking some rubbish. We have to put it in the bin so the animals don’t get stuck in it”

The children proudly helped to look after our school by conducting a litter pick on the field. This is an effective way to instil a sense of environmental responsibility from an early age.

Eye Colour Investigation in Nursery 

One of the children in Nursery initiated a conversation about eye colour, another child soon joined in and we had a big discussion comparing the different colours of our eyes. We recorded our findings on a tally chart.

We extended this by investigating the colour of all the children’s eyes in the Nursery to find out what the most common eye colour was. The children asked each other what colour eyes they had and were able to talk about who had the same colour eyes and who had different. We recorded our findings on a Pictogram chart.