Ancient Greeks

Ancient Greek Day

Year 6 stepped back in time to ancient Greece for our History Day of learning. Children (and staff) dressed in suitable costumes and looked fantastic – well done parents; their costumes were so impressive!

We created an Agora and learnt how life was in an ancient Greek city. The children enjoyed taking part in a quiz to learn the key facts about Greek city life such as what happened at the market, which foods were eaten and where and how the ancient Greek Gods were worshipped.

We also enjoyed the all-important food tasting session and tried a few traditional Greek foods including olives, flatbreads and vine leaves.

The children enjoyed learning about the monstrous Gorgon Medusa and how Perseus managed to slay her by cutting off her head and so was able to rescue his mother, Danae from King Polydectes. We enjoyed using pastels to create artwork of Medusa’s snake-haired head.

We had great fun learning the Zorba which is a traditional Greek dance and then enjoyed a design challenge in the hall to create the marble temple dedicated to Athena known as the Parthenon. We had a time limit and had to use newspaper and cellotape. It was a fantastic day!