London Colney Art Week October 2020

Art Week 2016 - Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange

Welcome to our virtual gallery where you can view the amazing artwork completed by our children during art week. This time, we choose to focus on inspirational black artists around the world.

In our afternoon art lessons, we have enjoyed watching each individual creative process. Each class chose to learn about the life, artwork and style of a different artist. At the end of the week, we create a final piece to apply all of our new knowledge, skills and understanding.

Here are some of the incredible pieces of artwork that our children have made!

Year 1 – Sam Gilliam

Why Sam Gilliam is the Artist of the Moment

Year 2 – Reggie Laurent

Pin on Reggie Laurent color and pattern


Year 3 – Kara Walker

Image result for kara walker

Year 4 – Jean-Michel Basquiat

Image result for jean michel basquiat

Year 5 – Elizabeth Catlett

Image result for elizabeth catlett artist

Year 6 – Corey Barksdale

Image result for corey barksdale