‘Supertato’ our hero… or is he?

Our focus text for the week has been the book called ‘Supertato’. The children took an interest in this story and so we used it as our topic to make our learning fun and enjoyable. Throughout the week, the children were able to develop their communication and language skills through listening to the story and making their own twist on the plot, making ‘Supertato’ and the ‘Evil Pea’ alliances!

The children teamed up together to come up with a plan on how to save our Nursery.  The children practiced their fine motor skills by peeling, cutting and mashing potatoes to symbolise ‘Supertato’. They then had to figure out how to stop the army of ‘Evil Peas’. As you can see above, they combined the mash and frozen peas together- this developed their expressive art and design skills, physical development and understanding of the world.