Welcome back with our Well being Week

What a fantastic week back after the Easter Break!

This week’s focus was about the outdoors, and our well being. The children have been working towards creating items for our new allotment area, as well as having a great time as a class completing outdoor activities.

Some of the things we got up to this week have been:

  • making our own plant pots and planting flowers (we are waiting for these to germinate)
  • painting the Year 1 outdoor area fence
  • we learned how to make paper and made our own recycled paper
  • we tasted a number of different vegetables including butternut, celeriac, turnip, swede, kale and mint
  • making bird feeders from lard and bird seed, as well as learning why it is important to encourage birds to our gardens
  • completing an outdoor obstacle course
  • completing a scavenger hunt around the school and classroom
  • making our own wind chimes
  • pressing flowers which we will use to make bookmarks


The Starfish class have really had a great week and shown a number of our school values! They care about one another and their environment, they are helpful and honest, they have all persevered in our tasks this week, they have been respectful of one another, and everyone has succeeded in our tasks this week. I am super proud of all of you!