World Science Day

To celebrate World Science Day, Year 6 engaged in an ‘eggnaut’ mission to Mars.  We learnt key facts about the planet as well as forces and space.  Year 6 had to design and build a vehicle out of newspaper that would protect their ‘eggnaut’ from the perils of a Mars Land.  Could their ‘eggnaut’ survive without a crack?  We explored Newton’s discovery of gravity.  The missions were a roaring success with the vast majority of eggs surviving intact.

We had the privilege to speak to a STEM representative, a physician called Jonathan Bradley, AKA Louise’s brother – a real life physician who shared his work and how he ended up in his dream job in the STEM industry.

We had such an exciting day that some of the Year 6 didn’t even want to stop at lunchtime and wanted to continue with their work rather than go out to play!