To introduce our new topic this half term, we had a WW2 day! We got to dress up as evacuee children and complete lots of different activities throughout the day all to do with WW2. Even our teacher dressed up as a Teacher from WW2 , as we learnt that teachers used to be evacuated with the children in their class!

Firstly, we made Gas mask boxes and evacuee tags that evacuee children would have had during the war. We created our evacuee tags with the correct information.  We even got to try on a real gas mask… we agreed that this wasn’t a very nice experience. We absolutely loved doing these activities, we asked lots of interesting questions and had a lovely class discussion! We discussed how it must have been a very difficult time for everyone, especially the children being taken away from their families and how this must have been a very hard time for them.

We then moved onto discuss what an air raid siren was. We listened to what it sounded like and what people during the war would have to do if they heard this sound. If we heard this sound at any point in the day, we decided the best place would be to hide under our table until we heard the ‘all clear’ signal.

Lastly, we then explored what different shelters people had during the war to keep them safe. We learnt that most people had an ‘Anderson Shelter’ in their back gardens. We learnt what they were made out of and how people made them. We then got to make our own model ‘Anderson Shelters’ with our learning partners.

We absolutely loved our WW2 day and we are so excited to learning all about this topic over the half term.

Here are some pictures of our day…