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Year 4 attendance award trip!

Year 4 did amazing with their attendance and as such had a reward trip. I think its safe to say the children and teachers had a lovely day.

Egyptian Topic

First lesson/entry point for our Egyptian Topic unit. We wanted to get ourselves in the Egyptian spirit by wrapping each other up as mummies. We turned it into a bit of a friendly competition to see which mummy would be the best dressed for the afterlife!

Library Visit

We had a lovely visit to our local Library at the London Colney Community Centre where the children really enjoyed picking out books to read.

Air Ambulance

At the end of last term, we had a visit from the Essex Air Abulance, they showed us some of the equipment they use whilst saving people.

Social Detectives

In Early Years, we have become curious detectives, noticing the changes around us and using our senses to explore spring. We used different parts of flowers to create nature art and discovered the unique marks flowers can make with paint. We had a go at trying something new and made carrot and cheese muffins.

Maths Everywhere

In Early Years, the children have been exploring different mathematical concepts through different contexts, including storybooks, puzzles, songs, rhymes, puppet play, and games. At London Colney, we believe in making the most of the moments throughout the day to highlight mathematics skills, for example, in daily routines, activities, and other curriculum areas.

Library Visit

Year 2 visited our local library during our world book day. We browsed in the children’s library and enjoyed reading a story called ‘The Day the Crayon’s Quit. Back in the classroom, we re-read the story and based our learning on the text.

Creating our own Roman Soldier Helmets

To finalise our first Spring half term, we decided to celebrate all the learning we had covered on The Romans by making our own Roman Soldier helmets. Over the half term, we explored how the Romans lived, the beginning of Roman Britain and the resistance they faced. We used balloons and paper mâché to create …

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Forces in science

In our topic of forces in science, we learnt about gravity and how it pulls objects towards the centre of the Earth. We dropped objects onto our “Earth” (made up of flour with a chocolate crust!) and measured the size of the crater. We concluded that the more mass an object has, the more gravity …

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Early Islamic civilisation

During our topic on the early Islamic civilisation, we learnt about the Silk Road and how Baghdad were in a good position meaning they could trade goods with either side. We made our own Silk Road and each group were its own country. We learnt that being on the end was a disadvantage as you …

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